Galaxy Performance Academy offers a range of courses for aspiring young footballers from age 5-16. We believe in giving young footballers with potential a chance to be trained by professional coaches under the best training programs while enjoying what they’re doing. We give young footballers the chance to improve their football skills, receive professional and honest feedback. Our academy offers young footballers a chance to be scouted for professional teams, and the opportunity to play in competitive and showcase matches.
Because this is a Professional Full-time academy, all of our players will benefit from the same training as our full time scholars and professional players. You will also get the opportunity to train alongside them, play in the same competitive matches and be seen by a range of coaches and scouts from many different clubs in the region from non league to super league teams who are already scouting for talented youngsters. Galaxy adopts a technological approach to football and player development as we provide a full range of wearable devices such as heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, bio mechanical.
All of this rolled together creates the most comprehensive and professional football academy package available anywhere in the world.

Our philosophy

We will try to learn from different cultures and schools. We will try to implement a mixture of different ways of playing like Latino game style, typical North African game style with an addition of a European touch.

Our vision

we try to be one of the best academies in north Africa. We work very hard to get the most talented young footballers. Our goal is to become a famous football academy that gives young footballers a chance to reach their full potential.